What can you do with Bump Plant-enhanced Meat? How about making every meat-based dish you love better than ever?

To get you started on your Bump journey, here are some of our
favourite recipes.

Dill chickpea salad - The perfect side to our Bump Kofta Kebabs!

Hailey Hooke
Bump Kofta Kebabs have made a weekly appearance on the menu at our house this summer. To keep things interesting, we’ve been pairing them with a different, tasty summer salad each week. This past week featured our favourite one yet, a delicious dill chickpea salad.

Bump Gochujang Sloppy Joes 🙌🏻

Hailey Hooke
Sloppy Joes, a childhood favourite! With kiddos being out of school next week, we think you should kick off summer break with this tasty recipe! These Sloppy Joes have a bit of a twist and are packed full of flavour. Everyone at your table will want a second helping.