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Seasoned with Memories

James Battershill
Why does James love cottage cheese? It might be all the protein. It's probably not the taste. Maybe it has more to do with fond memories of pierogies at his Oma's house. Everything taste better when it's seasoned with memories.

How We Win the War

James Battershill
What can a WWII initiative to encourage proper nutrition teach us about winning over consumers to trying more sustainable protein options today? A lot it turns out! Spoiler, making positive changes easier is a lot more effective than trying to make people feel guilty about their current habits.

Happy Father's Day

James Battershill

My company, Juno, was officially established in June 2019. My son George was born two months later in August, so I became a new dad and new business owner at roughly the same time.

There are actually a lot of interesting parallels between new fatherhood and first-time entrepreneurship.

Cheers to Three Years

James Battershill
It's been three years since we launched in grocery stores. So much has changed in that time, an anniversary celebration doesn't quite feel right.