Why Choose Bump?

Simple. Because it’s an effortless choice that helps save the planet and makes everyone at your table happy.

We get it; we’ve been where you are right now. You care deeply about the environment, but you and your family love meat. It’s stressful trying to strike a balance. Can you protect the Earth AND avoid a full-scale family revolt at the same time?

Bump Beef Burger Styled with Fat Boy Toppings

Bump Helps Save the Planet

You’ve done the research, and you know the meat industry is not sustainable in its current form. There are options, of course. But meat with lots of environmental certifications is expensive, and it’s hard to know what’s important and who to trust. And you’re not looking to fully switch to plant-based alternatives.

We believe that by eating less meat AND more plants, you’re contributing to an incremental solution while enjoying the benefits of both.

At Bump, we blend traditional meat with alternative, reduced-input proteins, significantly lightening the environmental footprint and deriving more value from less meat.

Six Cross-Cut Bell Peppers Stuffed with Bump Beef and Cheese on a Enamel Sheet Pan

Bump Makes Everyone at Your Table Happy

No one (including us) wants to eat something that tastes like compromise. Bump Plant-Enhanced Meat is incredibly delicious and functions just like the meat you already buy.

In many cases, they’re even better – Bump doesn’t shrink in the pan or on the grill like 100% meat and holds more of its flavourful juices inside where they belong.

Now that you know more about Bump Plant-Enhanced Meat, it’s an excellent time to go back to the original question: Why choose Bump?

It’s an effortless choice that helps save the planet and makes everyone at your table happy.

We know because we’re already doing it. Now it’s your chance to make some magic, make some peace, and make some incredible food.

Bump Branded Apron, Branded Wooden Ladle and Burger on White Surface

How It's Made

We’ll always be upfront about what’s in Bump Plant-Enhanced Meat. We want you to know what you’re eating and why.

In fact, we make a point of including consumers in the creation process. For example, in 2021, we ran the Bump Burger Builder program to help us develop our Bump Burger Patties. We tested several variations to see what our taste-testers preferred regarding taste, environmental impact, and health benefits. The result?

Try a pack and discover the Bump Burger for yourself!

We expect to be in a state of continuous development, constantly finding new ways to deliver on our promise to make meaningful changes that benefit the world easier for you without compromising taste, performance, or nutritional value.

And that includes you! Stay in touch with us and watch for your opportunity to assist in future product creation initiatives — be part of the future of Bump!


What Is Bump Plant-Enhanced Meat?

Bump Plant-Enhanced Meat is a raw ground meat that's combined with plant based protein. Products like our Bump Ground Beef + Plant Blend can can be used in place of ordinary ground beef in any recipe that you make at home

Why Blend Plant and Animal Protein?

The majority of Canadians are looking for ways to reduce the amount of ordinary meat in their diet, and for good reason. Eating too much of it isn't good for our health - or the planet.

Most people don't want to cut meat from their diet entirely though. We get it - meat has been an important part of our diets for a very long time. People choose to eat it for its taste, nutrition, satiety, and cultural importance.

So, we decided to remake meat from the ground up. We wanted to deliver a product that’s not only better for you and the environment but also tastes great. With most plant-based or blended products, you can taste the compromise. Not with Bump.

By blending Canadian beef with prairie grown plant protein, we were able to create something special. We've improved nutrition and reduced the environmental impact - but Bump is so delicious and retains moisture so well, it can substitute 1:1 for ordinary ground beef without sacrifice.

What Ingredients are used in Bump Plant-Enhanced Meat Blends?

For our Plant protein, Bump only uses prairie grown pea protein from yellow peas. Our pork and beef come from Canadian producers. For more specific detailed ingredient lists, check out our online store.

Where is Bump produced?

We blend and package Canadian beef with prairie-grown pea protein in a federally inspected, BRC-certified meat processing facility in Calgary, Alberta.

Can I eat Bump if I have allergies?

Please review each individual ingredient list for specific allergen declarations. Please also note that people who have serious allergies to legumes (like peanuts) should be careful when they introduce pea protein into their diet.

Where does the name Bump come from?

Think of it like showing up to your gate at the airport and being told that you've been "Bumped up" to first class. Your destination stays the same, but the experience getting there is a lot better.

Since Bump helps me reduce the amount of animal meat in my diet, I can eat burgers every day and still be healthy, right?

No. Full stop.

We don't give out individual dietary advice. No food company should. We'll be happy to tell you about the nutritional profile of Bump and where we stand relative to similar products in the market. But how much meat you should be eating, plant based or not, is a discussion you should have with a Registered Dietitian.

What we are willing to say is that eating plant-based or blended meat like Bump is not the nutritional equalivent to eating more vegetables. You'll notice that the recipes that we have developed that feature Bump, also typically include a lot of other delicious vegetables. Our founder's favourite recipe, the Bump curried sweet potato shepherd's pie, includes seven vegetables that each contribute unique flavours, textures, and nutrition to the dish.

So while it's great that you're cutting back on your animal meat consumption with Bump, it doesn't mean you can skip out on adding more whole vegetables to your diet.