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Bump Burger is back!!!

We had so much fun doing our pop-up last year we knew that we had to do it again for Le Burger Week 2022.

Like last year, you’ll find Bump Burger on your favourite food delivery apps including Skip the Dishes, DoorDash, and UberEats starting on September 1.

New for this year, on September 2nd, 3rd, 8th, and 9th, you’ll find our green pop-up tent in the parking lot at 420 Corydon Ave where you can place and pickup orders from us directly.

So, what’s on the menu this year?

After hundreds of hours of research and testing, we have come up with a burger that is going to amaze and delight every one of your senses.

Introducing, the Bump Wellington.


The Bump Wellington starts with one (or two), mustard smashed patties made with our sustainable plant-enhanced* Bump Burger meat. It’s topped with a deconstructed duxelles made with fried mushrooms and thyme pickled shallots and red onion. For some added umami we top it with aged cheddar and a roasted garlic aioli. All of this nestled snuggly inside our house made, lattice topped milk bun.

*What do we mean by plant-enhanced exactly?

You may have seen that Le Burger Week is encouraging plant-based burgers this year to make the event more sustainable. We love the idea, but we’re still going to do things our way and use our plant-enhanced burger meat that gets 50% of its protein from plant-based sources and the other half from ordinary beef.

We do this because it allows us to make a burger that tastes delicious and meaty, and still has a fraction of the environmental impact of a regular burger. So, if you’re a vegetarian looking for a plant-based option, Bump Burger isn’t going to be for you. If you love meat, but want it to have a lower environmental impact, then come taste the delicious and unique Bump Wellington burger.

Get yours starting September 1st!

Written by James Battershill

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