As Halloween weekend rolls around, the craving to become as festive as possible starts to arise. Maybe that means playing classic Halloween movies on repeat, carving pumpkins, or making fun festive desserts. Tonight we have stuffed peppers on the menu, but this time with a Halloween twist! 

Our blog post with our stuffed pepper recipe is here.

This is a great recipe, and since it uses Plant-Enhanced Ground Beef, your dinner can be spooky without having a scary environmental footprint.

To add a fun Halloween twist, carve out Jack-o'-lantern eyes, nose, and a mouth before stuffing the peppers and popping them in the oven.

Halloween Jack-o'-lantern stuffed peppers

If you're ordering from our online store, make sure to use code: HALLOWEEN2022 at checkout and you will receive our Bump spoon with purchase of Bump Plant-Enhanced Ground Beef. Just make sure to add the spoon to your cart.

Tag us in your photos and let us know if you create this dish over the Halloween weekend!

Happy cooking, and Happy Halloween!

Written by Hailey Hooke

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