Burger Builder Questions

Hey burger lovers,

It's 38 degrees warmer today than it was when first told you about the BUMP Burger Builder subscription. I'm going to celebrate by firing up the bbq tonight for dinner. Hopefully some of this warm weather continues into next week when we start delivering your BUMP Burger Builder boxes!!!

We are very thankful that so many people have signed up and are willing to provide us with feedback on sample patties. We've included some answers to the most common questions people have been asking below.

If you haven't had a chance to sign up to be a burger builder, it's not too late! Click here and have your say on what makes a great burger!

Burger Builder Questions

Q. What's going to be included in the burger builder subscription box?

A. Each box will contain

- four burger patties;

- four Martin's Famous potato rolls (unless you've signed up for a GF or bunless box);

- a sheet with cooking and tasting instructions along with a QR code to an online survey;

- and a few stickers or other fun stuff.

Q. How should we be preparing the burgers?

A. However you would like! We'll include cooking instructions for grilling, frying, and baking in the oven or air fryer. Just make sure they're cooked through and then add your favourite toppings.

Q. Are the four burger patties in each box all the same?

A. Nope. Each box will contain two different versions of the BUMP burger so you'll get two patties of sample A and two of sample B.

Q. How are the samples going to be different?

A. The samples in each delivery have been designed to help us get an understanding of your preferences on one individual variable. In the first delivery, that's going to be the amount of fat that the burger contains. Fat is what gives meat its flavour and helps keep it juicy during cooking. If a burger doesn’t have enough fat, it can be dry and tasteless. Too much though, and you get a greasy mess with a poor nutritional profile. We're trying to figure out what the right balance is.

Q. Do you want us to be tasting the difference samples side-by-side?

A. Nope. You can cook them all at once and share with your family if you want but you don't have to. In fact, we kind of prefer that you don't think of it as a side-by-side comparison.

Q. Why not?

A. We aren't asking for a side-by-side taste test because that's not how food preferences are formed in real life. You probably didn't sit down with a cup of coffee and a cup of tea when you were a kid, tried each one and decided "yup, I like this one better, it's what I'm going to drink every day for the rest of my life." The way we decide what we like to eat is complex, but more often than not we compare how something tastes to how we remember and feel about everything we've ever eaten prior to that moment. When you do a side-by-side taste test, you're forcing yourself to think about what you're tasting compared to only one other food. In this case, how patty A tastes compares to patty B. We want you to think about how the BUMP Burger sample you cooked compares to how you remember all of the burgers you've ever eaten.

Q. That's a lot of ask of us, isn't it?!? I can barely remember what I had for dinner last night, let alone what all of my favourite burgers have been throughout my entire life!!! What if I can't remember anything?

A. Fortunately most of your food preferences are created by subconscious memories and invisible cultural forces. Don't overthink it. They're just burgers after all.

Burger Test Samples

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