BUMP Burger Builder - Round 2

For your second look at the BUMP Burger, we're building on the flavour foundation that we established in round one.

As a refresher, for the first box we were trying to figure out what the right fat content is for the BUMP Burger. After collecting all of your feedback and doing some more testing in the kitchen, we've settled on a 15% fat content. With this we get a burger that's nice and juicy, but doesn't go overboard into greasy territory.

For the second round, we're looking at ingredients that we can use to really improve the flavour, smell, and appearance of the burger.

Like last time, you’re going to find two different types of patties in your BUMP Builder Box.

Patty 2A is the baseline patty. It is seasoned with a little salt and pepper and nothing else.

Patty 2B has a number of added ingredients to improve your overall burger experience. We want to know what you think of them and how much value they add for you personally. A brief description of the Patty 2B ingredients and why we’re using them is below.

Spices: There’s a blend of garlic, onion, and pepper in this patty to compliment the flavour of the meat. We still want the beef flavour to be the majority of what you taste when you take your first bite. So let us know, do these seasonings add to or take away from the beef taste? By weight, spices make up approximately 1.24% of patty 2B.

Red Beet Powder: We add this mainly for visual appeal since it gives the patty a nice red colour, but it does also enhance the nutrition a little with some extra fibre. The plant protein we use is beige in colour and ground beef typically has a pale grey colour when it is frozen. There’s lots of factors that affect the colour of meat, but we know that people generally like their red meat to be red. We want to know if this is something you care about in a frozen burger patty. By weight, the red beet powder makes up approximately 0.3% of patty 2B.

Yeast extract: We’re using yeast extract to enhance flavour, add umami, and to add a little smoky smell to the patty while it’s raw. Yeast extract is made by adding sugar to live yeast to help it grow. The yeast is then cooked where its natural enzymes break it down into savoury, taste-delivering protein parts including glutamic acid. This digestion process can be compared to the ripening of cheese, where enzymes help break down the cheese’s proteins to provide it with delicious taste. Finally, the yeast’s taste-delivering parts are separated from insoluble leftovers, and the mixture is dried until it becomes a powder. By weight, yeast extract makes up approximately 0.4% of patty 2B.

We can't wait to hear what you think of BUMP Burger 2.0. As usual, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email us at

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