BUMP Burger Builder 3 - Results

Updated: Jun 1

The third and final round of the BUMP Burger Builder program has officially wrapped! I want to say a big, big thank you to everyone who participated. We received lots of great feedback on what you liked and what you didn’t.

As a reminder, this third round was focused on finding the right ratio of plant to animal protein in the BUMP Burger. We blend protein types because it aids with moisture and shape retention and it helps us reduce the environmental footprint of BUMP products. Patty 3A had 35% plant protein and a GHG emissions profile of approximately 2.53 KG of CO2e, which is 31% less than an ordinary burger. Patty 3B had 55% plant protein and a GHG emissions profile of approximately 1.87 KG of CO2e, which is 50% less than an ordinary burger.

So, what did we learn?

First - People generally liked 3A (35% plant protein) the best. It scored an average rating of 4.11 out of 5 compared to 3.81 for 3B (55% plant protein). It actually surprised us that these ratings were so close since our internal testers started noting taste and texture changes when we reached a 50% plant protein inclusion. We pushed it even further for the burger builder to try and make sure those changes were noticeable to a consumer.

Overall Preference

Second – How much a person cares about the environmental impact of their food had a significant impact on how much they enjoyed either burger, but especially 3B with the higher plant protein content. People who valued a lower environmental footprint enjoyed their burgers up to 25% more than those who didn't. Marketers tell us that people shop their values all the time, but it was really interesting to see it play out in our data.

Concern for Environmental Impact and Enjoyment

Third – The amount of plant protein in each patty didn’t really have much of an impact on how healthy people perceived it to be. This surprised us a little. We thought that many of our baby boomer burger builders would view patty 3A as more nutritious because it had a lower sodium content. This didn’t turn out to be true at all as this group consistently rated 3B (55% plant) as appearing more nutritious.

Fourth - Millennials made up the majority of our taste testers. This was the first time we asked for any demographic information in our survey. 29% of our testers were Baby Boomers, 8% Gen X, 58% of you were Millennials, and the final 5% were split between Gen z and Gen A.

Fifth – Everyone had a lot of fun! We had so many people commenting that they really enjoyed being a part of the BUMP Burger creation process. One of our goals in doing the burger builder was to give people a chance to see behind the scenes on how new foods get developed. Too often companies try to keep this process a secret out of fear that competitors might try and copy their products. That risk may be real, but it’s our opinion that trust is far more valuable than trade secrets.

We hope that when the BUMP Burger launches later this summer, you pick up a package and feel good knowing you helped create a burger that’s juicy without being greasy, has a lower environmental footprint than ordinary burgers, and is absolutely delicious.

A special thank you to everyone who posted their burger photos on Instagram; Janice Horn for designing all the tasting sheets; Anna, Heather, Kyle, Victoria and Rox at the Prairie Research Kitchen for their burger making expertise; Kurt and Luc at Wow Hospitality for lending us their kitchen to pack up the buns and burgers; Hailey Hooke for dutifully packing and delivering several hundred burger boxes, and Catherine for all of your proofing/taste testing/support!

- James Battershill

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