BUMP Burger Builder

Hi there burger lovers.

When we were out in the community last summer doing promos and talking to customers, we always asked what they loved to make with ground meat. We got a wide variety of answers and some really interesting recipe inspiration. The most common answer by far was that everyone loves to make burgers, especially during the summer.

While BBQ season may feel really far away (it's -32 degrees as I write this,) we wanted to get to work on a BUMP Burger patty as soon as possible so we'd be ready to launch when you're starting to fire up your grills.

There's a lot that goes into creating a new food product, including kitchen trials and recipe development, testing the recipe on larger equipment, package design and printing, shelf life testing, calculating nutritional information, scheduling production, making sales, creating marketing... the list goes on.

That first step, kitchen trials and recipe development, is a little tricky at the moment. Under normal circumstances we'd get a few focus groups together to do taste tests and get feedback on different samples. That's a little tough right now under the current limits on public gatherings.

So, instead of delaying until next year, we want to try a different approach for getting your input as we go through the R&D process.

What we've come up with is the BUMP Burger Builder subscription. It's your chance to have a say on what makes a great burger. We are working on finding the right blend of ingredients for a burger patty that tastes great, is juicy without being greasy, and has a smaller environmental footprint than an ordinary hamburger. People have strong opinions on burgers and we want to hear them all in order to make a burger that everyone in the family will love.

Here's how it works: if you sign up for a BUMP Burger Builder subscription, we’ll deliver samples of burger patties (and some delicious Martin's Potato Rolls) right to your door. All we ask is that you cook them and give us feedback by answering a few questions about each sample. We’ll take that feedback and use it to create a new and improved version which we’ll then deliver to you for tasting the next month. Repeat once more for a total of three deliveries over three months.

Each delivery will have patties that are a little different, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s in them and what we’re looking for feedback on. The first samples will have two different patty sizes at two different fat to protein ratios.

We’re hoping you can cook and taste the burgers within two weeks so that we can analyze the results and incorporate your feedback into the next version of the patties. If you give us feedback on all three samples, we’ll deliver a free package of finished BUMP Burger patties directly to you before they hit store shelves early in the summer as a thank you.

As always, we are grateful for the amazing support you've given us this past year and ask that you continue to help us create great products by signing up for the BUMP Burger Builder subscription today.

- James

What will each sample be examining?

Sample 1 – Delivered on March 1: Getting the foundation right. One of the first things we want to learn is what you think the perfect patty size is and what the best fat to protein ratio is.

Sample 2 – Delivered on April 1: Once we know some basics, we’ll try and refine things a little by adding in some seasoning and spices along with ingredients that can help retain moisture and improve texture.

Sample 3 – Delivered on May 1: For the final sample we’ll adjust the ratio of plant and animal protein in the burger patties to see if we can maximize taste and texture while reducing the environmental footprint of the finished burger.

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