Our ingredients

Cattle in Pasture

OUR BEEf comes from canada

We know you're trying to cut back, but that you still care about where your beef comes from and how it's raised.

We source our beef from Canadian farms because of the commitments they've made to be more sustainable.


With more than 50 million acres of land better suited for pasture than annual cropping, until farmers are paid for ecological goods and services, responsible cattle production will play an important role in a sustainable food system.

Our Plant Protein Comes from Peas

We start with yellow peas, grown mainly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We then grind and ultrafilter them to isolate the protein from the fibre, fat, and carbohydrates.


Next, the protein is heated under pressure and then shot out of an extruder. This rapid change in temperature and pressure creates a meaty texture.


Finally we hydrate the textured protein so it contains the same amount of moisture as ordinary ground beef. Then we blend, grind, and package it for you to enjoy at home.