What Is BUMP Beef + Plant Blend?

BUMP Beef + Plant Blend is a raw ground meat that's made by combining ordinary beef with plant based protein. It can be used in place of ordinary ground beef in any recipe that you make at home. 


Why Blend Plant and Animal Protein?

The majority of Canadians are looking for ways to reduce the amount of ordinary meat in their diet, and for good reason. Eating too much of it isn't good for our health - or the planet. 

Most people don't want to cut meat from their diet entirely though. We get it - meat has been an important part of our diets for a very long time. People choose to eat it for its taste, nutrition, satiety, and cultural importance. 

So, we decided to remake meat from the ground up. We wanted to deliver a product that’s not only better for you and the environment but also tastes great. With most plant-based or blended products, you can taste the compromise. Not with BUMP.


By blending Canadian beef with prairie grown plant protein, we were able to create something special. We've improved nutrition and reduced the environmental impact - but BUMP is so delicious and retains moisture so well, it can substitute 1:1 for ordinary ground beef without sacrifice. 

What Ingredients Are Used in BUMP Blends?

Right now our ingredient list is pretty short. Beef, water, and textured pea protein. As you can see from our packaging, the current version of BUMP Beef + Plant Blend uses 30% plant and 70% animal ingredients, but that's not always going to stay the same. 


In the future we plan increase the amount of plant protein in BUMP Blends, and we're currently testing a variety of new and exciting plant protein sources.


We even plan to use new ingredients like fermented protein in future BUMP Blends, but only if our research chefs agree that they improve taste, nutrition, and provide an environmental benefit. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BUMP produced?

We blend and package Canadian beef with prairie-grown pea protein in a federally inspected, BRC-certified meat processing facility in Calgary, Alberta.

Why do you use vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging requires only about a third the amount of plastic compared to traditional tray overwraps and modified atmosphere packaging. It also extends the shelf life of our product, thereby reducing food waste.

What portion sizes does BUMP come in?

Currently, we offer BUMP in a convenient 454 g (1 pound) package.

Are other BUMP blends available?

BUMP Beef + Plant Blend is only the beginning. New products are already in development to provide you with even more meat options.

What is in BUMP? Are there any allergen alerts?

BUMP Beef + Plant Blend contains just three ingredients: beef, water, and textured pea protein. None of the major allergen categories are present, however, people who have serious allergies to legumes like peanuts should be careful when they introduce pea protein into their diet.

Where does the name BUMP come from?

Think of it like showing up to your gate at the airport and being told that you've been "bumped up" to first class. Your destination stays the same, but the experience getting there is a lot better.

Since BUMP helps me reduce the amount of animal meat in my diet, I can eat burgers every day and still be healthy, right?

No. Full stop. We don't give out individual dietary advice. No food company should. We'll be happy to tell you about the nutritional profile of BUMP and where we stand relative to similar products in the market. But how much meat you should be eating, plant based or not, is a discussion you should have with a Registered Dietitian. What we are willing to say is that eating plant-based or blended meat like BUMP is not the nutritional equalivent to eating more vegetables. You'll notice that the recipes that we have developed that feature BUMP, also typically include a lot of other delicious vegetables. Our founder's favourite recipe, the BUMP curried sweet potato shepherd's pie, includes seven vegetables that each contribute unique flavours, textures, and nutrition to the dish. So while it's great that you're cutting back on your animal meat consumption with BUMP, it doesn't mean you can skip out on adding more whole vegetables to your diet.




Meet BUMP's creator, James Battershill (and his adorable son George and rockstar partner Catherine behind the camera.)

In 2019 James took the leap into entrepreneurship and left his job working as executive director of a farm advocacy organization and founded Juno Food Labs.  

James had a great job, but wanted to do something big to try and make the world a better place for his (yet to be born) son. He knew that as more people around the world started eating a diet higher in meat that it would be a challenge to produce it sustainably. 

So, after some kitchen trial and using friends and family as guinea pigs, he discovered that by blending ordinary beef with plant protein you could produce a ground meat that had a great nutritional profile, needed fewer resources to produce, and tasted amazing.